Your Prosperity, is our Obsession. We are focused on you. We live and breathe innovation. We champion those who dare to dream and to make their dreams a reality.

Our Mission is powering prosperity around the world with the Propertyfx Monoprofit System. Our goal is to help over 1,000,000 families to become property owners by simplifying the process to acquiring lands and household properties.

Propertyfx Development Company is powered by City Core Investment Limited and Capital City Development Company, we are duly registered with the cooperate affair commission in Nigeria to provide services.We offer Property development for sales and rent, Land Surveying, Procurement and finishing, Construction and renovation, Land & property sales and Real Estate Advisory services.


The ability to generate money. The competence to manage your finances. The discipline to follow economic principles and Practices to cultivate wealth.

Everybody has the right to own money but not all knows how to generate money. The Propertyfx monoprofit system is design to generate real money for you without working hard but working smart.

Break out from the systems of 8am to 6pm work and embrace a system that makes you money even while sleeping as we employ the concept of global funding through our monoprofit system.

The Propertyfx program is design with the concept of generating regular cash flow with everyone joining a single line and earning purely from the company revenue. With our innovative ideas, building a global network was made easy. Every one that joined after you automatically become your down-line that make up your team whether direct or indirectly sponsored, everyone counts. We employ you to come, join and discover for yourself the through meaning of financial freedom.